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We are a Chinese martial arts academic center. Specializing in human development. Shaolin is a martial art with a heritage in Buddhism. It is not a requirement to be or become Buddhist. Our principles of Right Speech, Right Action, and Right Livelihood, is a benefit to everyone. Join us in becoming the future leaders of tomorrow!


We Are Shooting A TV Series
"Legendary Masters Council"

 We are producing a martial arts tv series with the help of Dark Minds Productions and would love your support!  “Legendary Masters Council” is a NEW tv series focused on the physical side of martial arts, as well as the more important side WuDe (martial ethics.) This project is a great way to promote unity through martial arts. Please take the time to go through the Kickstarter and make a pledge to breathe life into the show. We can not do this without your help. Donating even $1 will make us one step closer to our needed goal by April 23rd.

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Mind, Body, and Spirit through GongFu




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Developing a strong code of behavior. Discipline is one of the most important attributes to improving your life. At Jade Fortress it is our number one priority in helping our students become successful not only in martial arts but also in life. Notice an improvement in you/ your child's attitude and behavior after training with us. As well as a stronger sense of focus and willingness to do better.
Creating an environment that focuses on trust, teamwork, and good will towards others is our community. At Jade Fortress our goal is to continue to grow with one another. The base of community is gathering together as a family.
The meaning of gongfu is skill acquired through hard work and time. Creating a no quit always do your best attitude is essential to progression and achieving your goals. How do you achieve this? Little by little


Jan 1st, 2022

It's a New Year time to increase our grind. To make that happen we have a special gift.

SHAOLIN RELIEF IS BACK!!! Free classes the whole month of January. Multiple classes each day Sunday-Thursday!

Let Jade Fortress help you with your new year's resolution. We've Got You Covered!!!

Nov 8th, 2021

Shifu is back home safely from the Midwest Gaming Classic. Checkout the awesome pics from KungLao's band performance. Shifu Daniels aka Jade Jackhammer joined the original MK crew for a podcast talking about there experiences in the film industry and making the filmMK Legends never die. This was such a great experience, there are many more events that will be coming up.

Nov 1st, 2021

Join Shifu Daniels a.k.a Jade Jackhammer along with Shifu Daniel Pesina (MK's Original Scorpion) Shifu Anthony Marquez (MK's Original KungLao) and Dr. Philip Ahn(MK's Original ShangTsung) at the Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend in Milwaukee,WI! They will be signing autographs and hanging out with fans, as well as talking about Shifu Pesina and Jade Jackhammer's new movie MK:Legends Never Die!

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Legends Never Die.jpg
Oct 19th, 2021

It has been a busy few months for us at Jade Fortress. Shifu Daniels (aka Jade Jackhammer on TikTok) was asked to be on the Talk Real, Get Real Podcast by Authentic Shaolin a school in New York. Click on the button below to see how the interview went. Shifu talks about training in Shaolin as well as what makes a traditional martial artist a traditional martial artist.

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Oct 18th, 2021

In addition to the awesome competition this past weekend. Shifu Daniel Pesina (MK's Scorpion) did a seminar on the traditional Chinese weapon rope dart. The weapon he used for Scorpion. You will be able to check out more highlights on the Friday and Saturday evening seminar in the videos gallery. now GET OVER HERE!!!

Oct 17th, 2021

We had an awesome time of competition and making new friends at the 9th Annual Martial Arts Warriors Championship. An open martial arts competition that Jade Fortress has co hosted with the Midwest Martial Arts Federation for 9 years now!

Oct 10th, 2021

Learn Drunken Fist from the Drunken Master of TikTok himself Jade Jackhammer Shifu Demitri Daniels, on November 28th. Not able to come to Jade Fortress? No worries because this is a special webinar hosted on Zoom. Learn the basics of Shaolin as well as the components to drunken fist, developed by Lu ZhiShen the Chinese folk hero hua heshang in Outlaws of the Marsh.

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Oct 1st, 2021

All this month train with us online through Zoom for free. It's Halloween month and Jade Fortress has a special offer. 4 weeks for ONLY $49! Get this special price after you you train with us on Zoom for free the whole month of October.

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Sept 20th, 2021

Over the weekend Shifu was in Denver CO, he was a special guest judge for the 10th Annual Denver Nationals. Last Saturday, on Sunday he gave 2 three hours seminars on the styles that he has become famous for on social media. One on Drunken Fist the other on 9 Section Chainwhip. It is great to see the popularity of these rare Shaolin techniques.

Aug 8th, 2021

Amituofo!!! Shifu has been in the UK filming for a week now. He sent us some cool shots from the film!