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Huang WeiJie



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Our Story

(玉寨少林武功学院) Jade Fortress Shaolin Martial Arts Academy was founded on April 18th of 2003 by Demitri Daniels.Originally named Huang Lin Bao Jian. The new name of Jade Fortress is a representation of our schools growth in Shaolin culture.Yu Zhai Shaolin is an international association dedicated to promoting shaolin culture. Shaolin is not only what you see coming out of the temple walls, but much more. It is the martial arts of the whole mountain area. Through schools all around the world, as well as internet, and DVD instructional videos. We will show the world the traditions of a 1500 plus years old martial culture. Jade Fortress Shaolin!!! is just one of 3 schools in Yu Zhai International. Located in Champaign/Urbana IL. (USA). There is much that can be said about our school but the only true way to find out is to come and check us out. The school is open seven days a week. We offer private and group classes in Traditional Shaolin GongFu, SanDa, QiGong, as well as Chinese, English, and Spanish Languages. Student registration is available for anyone male or female at least the age of 4 years old. Our focus is creating future leaders. Training in martial arts helps raise self esteem, promotes physical health awareness, self defense, and teaches how to exist with everyone in peace. All of this is gained throw training the mind, body, and spirit.

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