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We are a full time martial arts school. There are classes all throughout the day so that you can learn and workout virtually anytime you can. Monday-Friday 9am-3pm, Saturday and Sunday 3pm-8pm is open gym. Classes for all ages. There are multiple types of classes on our schedule so it can be kind of confusing. If you have any questions please click the chat with us button and ask us anything at anytime!

Jade Fortress Urbana (2nd Location)

Brookens Gym

1776 W. Washington St.

Urbana IL, 61802

For added convenience we offer a family friendly beginners classes in Urbana.

Three nights a week on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's from 6:00pm-7:00pm (12 and under) and 7:00pm-8:30pm (Teens & Adults)

Open Gym-These class times are reserved students wishing to come in and workout on their own. open gym times can also be booked for private sessions. In addition non school students needing a gym to workout in are also welcomed to purchase a $15 day pass.

Shaolin XiaoZi-These classes are for students age 4-9 years old. One or 2 hour sessions are available.

Home School-These times are available for home school coops to use our facility to host their physical education class. Jade Fortress also teaches martial arts a P.E. class for home school groups.  

Shaolin Kids-Separate from the Shaolin XiaoZi. This course is for ages 9-12 years old.

Adult Beginner-These classes are for first time martial artists. That are looking for a basic introduction to martial arts. Also recommended for individuals that are wanting to make the move to being more athletic in their lives

Shaolin Adults-These classes are for adults that lead active lifestyles. Have experienced martial arts  but would like to learn more in depth. This workout is basic although more strenuous than the complete Adult Beginner classes.

SanDa-These classes are for individuals wishing to take their traditional martial arts training to a more competitive level. This time is also an open gym time to work on sparring. Individuals can receive a $15 day pay to meet with others to practice sparring together. 

Dragon Team-This is private floor time for our performance and competition team practices.

All Levels-This class time is instruction for students of all levels and ages. It is also Family Friendly.

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